Yes on prop 8

Seven in 10 african americans who went to the polls voted yes on proposition 8, the ballot measure overruling a state supreme court judgment that legalized. Posts about yes on proposition 8 written by jesurgislac. Prop 8 won't affect our schools please vote yes on proposition 8 to restore the definition of marriage that the voters already approved dr. Yes on prop 8, marriage is between one man and one woman. There are 897 comments on the vallejo times-herald story from oct 16, 2008, titled yes on proposition 8 in it, vallejo times. Help me and vote yes on prop 8 to protect the sanctity of marriage in california not verbatim.

A yes vote on proposition 8 would short-circuit those threats, the two ads say “it’s unnecessarily and irresponsibly alarmist,” said hilary mclean. Young adults from california are voting yes on proposition 8 in favor of preserving traditional marriage listen to them. Yes on prop 62 22k likes yes on 62 will replace california's broken and costly death penalty system with life in prison without the possibility of parole. Update: here is the complete list of yes on prop 8 donors sacramento, calif -- a federal judge has denied a request to keep the names of donors to.

Get the facts on prop 8 california proposition 8 get the facts on prop 8 california supreme court voting yes on proposition 8. Californians, please vote yes on proposition 8 [img. Posts about yes on prop 8 written by reverend rocky. This is the reason why i will vote yes on prop 8 prop 8 will reaffirm the voice of the people in california that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Maybe you have not yet decided to vote 'yes' on proposition 8 because you think there are compelling reasons for homosexual marriage there are none on the contrary. In addition, reports of yes on prop 8 signs being defaced, damaged, dislocated, or stolen are almost too numerous to track reliably.

Scapegoating and proposition 8 i was seeing television commercials for yes on prop 8 weeks before i saw any no on prop 8 rebuttals turn up. Proposition 8 seems to be all about another special-interest group wanting to keep their government-protected monopoly alaska yellow dispatch, llc pays lobbyist. On friday apple inc pledged 100k to help defeat proposition 8 cupertino, calif (ap) ― apple inc has joined the short list of publicly traded companies to. Shop yes on prop 8 bumper sticker created by amandanisil personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is.

Yes on prop 8

The anchorage assembly passed a law that will flood the streets with over 300 taxi cabs making rates go up and driving service down vote april 4th to support the. Well, well, well it looks like being anti-gay isn't exactly something folks want to associate their names with after all - even after they've associated their money.

Prop 8 proposal: he said yes proposition 8 being the law of the state of california makes it clear that marriage is only one man and one woman. Editor - go ahead: it's a little crazy, but vote yes on proposition 8 we are all feeling just a bit helpless in scary economic times so, get a little thrill when. Under california state law, domestic partnerships entitle participants all the legal rights of married individuals so proposition 8 is not about denying. Many have criticized elder boyd k packer's comments about homosexuality that he presented during the general conference of the church this past sunday morning. Database of donations and campaign contributions given both in support of and in opposition to proposition 8, the 2008 ballot measure that amended california's. Does anyone remember proposition 22 prop 22 added the following section to the california family code: “only marriage between a man and a woman is. Yes on prop k 1,036 likes on april 4th, vote yes on prop k to restore critical educational needs for our kids in the kirkwood school district.

Another yes on 8 canard is that the continuation of same-sex marriage will force churches and other religious groups to proposition 8 proponents know. According to a poll from the public policy institute of california, proposition 8, which would ban gay marriage in california, is trailing heading into the.

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Yes on prop 8
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